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When I see an organic form that surprises and delights me, my passion and goal is to capture its essence. Living in a small apartment in Manhattan makes me dream of walking through a forest, smelling the greens, feeling liberated, seeing large blocks of soothing colors and the shapes of leaves, branches, and trees. My artist residencies accelerated this idea of making sculptures of indigenous plants leading to my current project, Leaves of Durham.

My medium is wax, dyed green, that is melted, cooled, carved, filed, and sanded. Four years at RISD taught me traditional craft technique used to form each piece.The forms start as big balls and then are whittled down to my expectations. In the end, I am looking at a simple minimal form that has multiple angles which translate as words telling the story of this collection. Each sculpture is later cast in bronze or porcelain as a final form, using the lost wax method.