Collection: About Sculpture

About the sculpture 

I am always curious about plant forms. When I find a particular form that inspires me, I record it with drawings, and then start to build. Typically, I use wax as my medium because I can melt it, build it, then file and sand it. I have used the same tools throughout my career, whether it be small jewelry pieces cast in sterling and gold, or large sculptures that will eventually be cast in clay, like stoneware and porcelain, or bronze.  

I have been to two solo artist residencies in the New England woods; Zero Foot Hills, and Weir Farm National Park. While there, I would start my day by walking on the trails, to be enriched by the environment. This would lead to a studio day of creating abstract sculptures influenced by my surroundings. The forms generally reflect the season, bare branch forms, or full rich greens. I am developing this group of work into a collection called Leaves of Durham.