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Current work

Andree Brown, sculptor, is producing bronze and porcelain sculptures, abstractions of nature, intended for interiors or gardens. She travels to different natural environments, using the indigenous plants as a reference for new work.

As a sculpture major at Rhode Island School of Design, Andree has always worked in three-dimensional form, devoted to traditional craft techniques. She spent 20 years making sculptural jewelry and selling it to museums and private galleries. Since the pandemic she has been solely focused on creating organic sculptures, as she sees it “large jewelry”. The current body of work is focused on leaves. 

Her influences and inspirations started as a RISD student when she studied Henry Moore, Isamu Noguchi, Barbara Hepworth, and others. She was fascinated by their approach towards full form and negative space. She was inspired by other artists who were able to incorporate poetic elements into form such as Martin Puryear. She is now guided by Mitchell Rigie, founder of Creative Breakthrough Lab, an online artist community.