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Andree is experiencing a wave of inspiration making sculptures again. After a long period of making jewelry, she put it aside and returned to building larger pieces. The sculptures are organic, and abstract, influenced by forms she might find in the woods, like nuts, leaves, or branches. At the ocean she is enthralled by the rocks, shells, seaweed, or drift wood. Her goal is to define their character, and hear their voice. Currently she is working on a leaf collection, cast in bronze or porcelain, and plans to start enlarging the pieces to three feet this year.

Her initial art training was with a NYC abstract expressionist painter, Vita Petersen. Petersen was hands on, never allowing a painting to be complete until every corner was explored. Upon graduation from Spence School, Petersen granted Andree the Spence Artists Award and sent her off to RISD to further her education.

RISD was one of the most life changing and happiest times of her life as an artist, a virtual candy store of possibilities. She explored metal, wax, glass, hollow-ware, plaster, clay, textiles, and paper. Armed with vision and the right tools, her creativity blossomed under the instruction of some of the finest art professors in the field, with lectures by artists like Claes Oldenburg along with the inspiration of fellow art students. Free time was spent under the Providence railroad tracks to scavenge iron and wood train parts for sculptures. The RISD pub was the hang where students would drink beer and eat peanuts for sustenance, while David Byrne and Tina Weymouth rocked in the background. These were pulsating times with few rules except to produce artwork in any possible way.



Creative Breakthrough Lab 2019-Current 

Rhode Island School of Design BFA Providence, R.I. ’77 sculpture. 

The Spence School New York, NY ‘73 




Weir Farm National Historical Park, Wilton Ct. August 2023 

Zero Foot Hills Durham, Ct. August 2022 



Limner Gallery Hudson, NY April 2023

Grosse Pointe Artists Association January 2023

James Library and Center for the Arts November 2022

Accent on Design Gallery Truro, Ma. July-August 2021, 2022, 2023 

Undercroft Gallery February 2022, 2023 

RISD Craft Show Providence, R.I. June 2022 

WomensWork.Art Poughkeepsie, NY December 2021, 2022 

Worcester Art Museum, Solo, Worcester MA 1990 

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Boston MA 1989 

Barbara Singer Fine Art, Solo, Cambridge MA 1980-1985 

Wingspread Gallery, Northeast Harbor ME 1977-1982 


Private Bronze Sales

Josephine Corning   May 2022 

Wallace Davis   June 2021 

Maria Berkman Smith   May 2021 

Andrews Little   December 2022 

SCULPTURE 1980-2020


Worcester Art Museum, Solo, Worcester MA 1990

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Boston MA 1989

Barbara Singer Fine Art, Solo, Cambridge MA 1980-1985

Wingspread Gallery, Northeast Harbor ME 1977-1982



Archipelago, Rockland ME  

Shaw Contemporary Jewelry, Northeast Harbor ME 

The Textile Museum, Washington D.C. 

Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore MD 

Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn NY 

Museum of Arts and Design, NYC, NY 

American Folk-Art Museum, NYC, NY 

Winterthur Museum, Winterthur DE 

Jacob Javits Convention Center, NYC, NY 

RISD Alumni Show, Providence RI 







I would like to thank the following people for helping me to build this site, and more importantly, always believing in me. 

Andree 07 21 2022 

MITCHELL RIGIE leader in creative thinking                mitchell@mitchellrigie 

Creative Breakthrough Lab 

TOM BLOOM actor, photographer                     

FRANK CAMPANALE designer, business advisor  

DIANA RUTHERFORD food stylist, executive chef  

VINCENT LISI graphic designer                         


LISA ROSE editor                                               


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